Faces that inspire our fight against malaria

RUGAN HARDO, Nigeria – Located in the capital city is a cheerful Fulani community that does not have access to basic amenities: access to clean water, good health care and education.

Rugan Hardo settlement

Malaria is just one of the many diseases that has plagued this community for over 2 decades. Last year, CCSI visited Rugan Hardo with an intervention program by distributing the Long Lasting Insecticidal (mosquito) Nets to members of this settlement.

Upon distributing the nets, they were educated on how to hang them and to care for the nets. The people were grateful for the intervention.

It is worthy to note that in most African rural settlements, mosquito nets are not just used to prevent mosquito bites, but for several other unrelated activities: Hauling fishes, guarding vegetable farm and Playing football among others.

A year after distributing the nets, the team found it necessary to re-visit Rugan Hardo settlement to follow up on the use of the mosquito nets. The settlement was found to be making good use of the nets. They, however, noted that sometimes it gets really hot in their homes, so they hang the nets outside their homes and when it is time to sleep they put their beds inside the nets.

Abubakar is a 13 year old boy who likes to sleep inside his mosquito net

For this photo series, we tried to capture children whose lives have been changed because they sleep inside a mosquito net regularly. When asked why she likes to sleep inside the nets, Zuwera, 7year-old said she likes to sleep inside a net because mosquitoes don’t bite her.

Zuwera likes to sleep inside a net because mosquitoes don’t bite her.

It was great to see our friends; a lot seemed to have changed – there was an addition to the community. Madudu, a very lively and friendly girl now has a baby sister who when the pictures were taken hadn’t been named (her naming ceremony was the next day).

Madudu and her baby sister

These pictures of children from Rugan Hardo settlement symbolize the lives that can be saved just by sleeping inside mosquito nets.

They inspire us to intensify our efforts in the fight against malaria.

Are you ready? because we are ready to beat malaria.