What We Do

Media Communications & Management

CCSI’s vast knowledge of the Nigerian and global media space, its connections and expertise in content development affords a strategic engagement of the media at all levels, providing technical support to promote partnerships, enhance visibility and highlight impact.

Advocacy & Stakeholder Engagement

CCSI works closely with key leaders to support local leadership to drive key interventions that promote responsibility for improved quality of lives and offer opportunities for progress and growth.

Brand Development & Promotion

CCSI supports institutions, projects and campaigns with holistic communications support including PR and brand management services.

Capacity Building

We build capacity for health and social development across the spectrum of strategic communication design and implementation. Support teams to improve organizational effectiveness through specialized team retreats and other requisite organizational development activities. CCSI also builds capacities of key frontline workers and community volunteers across Nigeria. CCSI hopes to continue to build a critical mass of health and social communication expertise to drive development projects in Nigeria and Africa.

Entertainment Education

To promote behaviour change, we leverage on the power of EE to pass messages on health and social development amongst a diverse audience. Our relationship with Nollywood and association with entertainment celebrities has helped in achieving our EE agenda. Using the transmedia approach, we have succeeded in building synergy across diverse message channels to reach our audiences at the grassroots.

Multimedia Documentation

CCSI takes an intentional approach to creatively document project and campaign efforts and harvest timely feedback. Being a learning organization, these results are useful for course corrections and documenting lessons learnt for scale up or replication. Our innovative approach at documentation gives us a balanced view of reality while enabling us to push our creative boundaries.

Behaviour Change Communication

CCSI develops research driven and evidence-based communication strategies for behaviour change campaigns for health and social development reforms. Our expertise covers development of context specific innovative and state of the art materials as well as a wide range of approaches to generate demand for uptake of quality services. In addition, we encourage a unique strategy of bridging the gap between community and facility level interventions through the promotion of professionalism amongst health providers at different levels. CCSI’s experience covers integrated health topics and social development such as malaria, family planning, adolescent reproductive health, HIV&AIDs, water and sanitation, family health, nutrition, tuberculosis, peace and conflict resolution, governance and anticorruption.

Monitoring, Evaluation, Research & Learning (MERL)

To promote accountability and assess impact of our work, CCSI uses scientific methodologies to measure the results of our interventions. We have a culture and system that supports robust Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning (MERL). Findings from MERL are used to improve the quality and impact of our interventions. Through Knowledge Management (KM) CCSI creates, shares and manages information and data across all disciplines in the organization. This helps in the achievement of organizational objectives by facilitating the best use of knowledge. t resolution, governance and anticorruption.

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